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Complications of cardiac function in uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetes
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan

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Association of smoking with Buerger’s Disease.
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan, Dr.Sajjad Ali, Dr. Junaid Khan, Dr. Muir.I.K, Dr. Imran Mansoor
Global Epidemiology and Pandemics of COVID-19
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan, Dr. Mansoor A. Shiekh, Dr. Iqra Naseem
Efficacy and Safety Profile of Chloroquine Phosphate in Treatment of COVID-19 Associated Pneumonia
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan
Effectiveness of Immunotherapy in Improving Symptoms of Autism
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan
Complications of Uncontrolled Diabetes as per Cardic Function
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan
Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Management of Hyperactive Personality
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan,Dr. Sultan Muzaffar, Dr. Usman Mansoor, Dr. S.Shahab
An Account of Recent Data on Smoking-Related Buerger’s Disease and Progression to Necrosis
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan, Dr. Sajjad Ali, Dr. Junaid Khan, Dr. Muir I.K, Dr.Imran Mansoor
Alternative Diagnosis of Pott’s Disease for Financially Unstable Patients in Pakistan
Professor Dr. Ishaq Khan, Dr. Sajjad Ali, Dr. Junaid Khan, Dr. Muir I.K, Dr. Sameera Imran
Art of Mapping Gold Standard Medical Treatment od Epilepsy with Minimal Withdrawal and Hepatotoxicity Affects
Professor Dr. Ishaq khan, Dr. Mohammad Saeed Akhter, Dr. Iqra Naseem