Instruction to Authors

All material can be sent electronically, in Microsoft Word format, on by logging is an as author. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that fulfill the general criteria of significance and utility in medical practice. In order to comply with the format of the journal, visit our website and look into the format of any published article. The journal welcomes editorials, original articles, case reports, short communications and review articles with an emphasis on original articles. The instructions for the original articles are provided below.

  1. Authorship declaration form: Give an undertaking that “This paper is the original research work of the authors and has not been submitted for a concurrent publication or published before in any other journal. This declaration form should be completed and attached at the time of submission which includes the corresponding authors full address, telephone (Cell and landline) numbers, place of work, degrees and designations and contact numbers along with email of all the authors, letter of the undertaking can be downloaded from website
  2. Ethical Review Board Letter: A letter from the institutional ethical review board of the place of research must be attached which should be issued prior to commencement of research. In case of absence of the ethical review board, the ethical declaration form must be completed.
  3. General Format: The length of the paper should not exceed 2000 words, (excluding abstract and references), complete sentences, active verbs, past tense and the third person language should be used. Each abbreviation should be spelled out and introduced in parenthesis. The first time it is used in the text.
  4. Title: It should be a brief phrase describing the contents of the paper.
  5. Abstract: It should be informative and must reflect the study conducted. It must be structured including background, methods, results, conclusion and key words. For the original article around 250 words abstracts suffices.
  6. Introduction: Should provide a clear statement of the problem, the relevant literature on the subject and the proposed approach of the solution. It should be understandable from a broad range of scientific disciplines.
  7. Methodology: Should be complete enough to allow experiments to be reproduced. Study designs and methods for the data analysis must be described in detail. Sample size calculation method must be mentioned. It is recommended that data must be analyzed using SPSS.
  8. Results: Should be presented with clarity and precision. Result section should include self- explanatory tables, illustrations and graphs.
  9. Discussion: There shouldn’t be any repetition of what has been already mentioned in the introduction section, compare and rationalize your findings with the previous evidence. Limitations and future prospects must be mentioned as well.
  10. References: There must be 20 to 25 references along with each article starting from the latest one, Vancouver style is accepted and references must be given using endnote software.
  11. Plagiarism: Only 19% similarity index is accepted.